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Quality Assurance

We at Msxpert Solutions, offers a comprehensive range of quality testing services including manual testing, automated testing, performance testing, and security testing services. Rapidly changing market trends and technology landscape accompanied by disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility and social media have led to the emergence of new scenarios warranting quality assurance. The need for quality assurance and testing is being strongly felt by enterprises today.

Manual Testing Services

No matter how skilled your developers are, errors may still be prevalent. That is where our manual testing specialists come in. We have decades of collective experience in different areas of manual testing including use case-driven scripted approaches, freeform exploratory testing, traditional desktop platforms, mobile testing, web accessibility and system interoperability.

Performance Testing Services

Performance testing's impact on business revenue, credibility of enterprise and customer satisfaction makes it a critical part of application testing services. While traditional performance testing approaches are reactive in nature, Msxpert Solutions performance testing services are a fusion of testing and engineering methodologies to help businesses transform new and existing applications.

Automated Testing Services

As enterprises rush to go live in shortest possible time or look to optimize budgets, effective software testing ends up in a casualty. Msxpert Solutions provides complete suite of test automation solutions ranging from assessment and consulting to execution and innovation. Our automated testing services help clients reduce testing cycle time provide higher productivity and drive greater predictability to help minimize time to market.

Agile Testing Can Really Boost Business Transformation

Consider a situation where you constantly receive notifications from an application, but whenever you try to open the application, it crashes. Any such glitch can prove to be detrimental for the business that largely depends on its application for bringing in customers. In a traditional software development and testing process, the testers would rectify the glitch once the application is already launched for the users.
In an Agile set-up, however, testing and development is a continuous activity that happens behind the scenes so that upgrades and rectifications can happen in real-time, thus reducing the downtime. This transforms the overall dynamics of the business, where changes happen whenever there is a need or a crisis.

Agile transforms the way enterprises function and need to deliver. It induces the need for Business Transformation, which is a major change management strategy designed to align a 3-way course that involves People, Process, and Technology. The transformation strategy should be closely aligned with the organization’s vision and must further support it. It helps organizations to build scalability and enables them to see the bigger picture with agile transitioning.

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